Gamification mechanics designed to act on business data and improve sales performance.
Tournaments & Brackets
Setup a March Madness style bracket and see who walks away as the champion!
All play All
Get a custom group or the entire company going head to head and watch performance skyrocket!
Team vs Team
Build team unity and performance with team vs team competitions!
Robust Rules
Gamify has the most robust competition configurator, hands down. Build your competitions by your rules!
Leaderboards & Scorecards
Leaderboards & Scorecards
Team Metrics
See how teams rank on any given metric!
Individual Metrics
See how individuals rank on their metrics. We see a lot of sales rep with this screen open all day!
Advanced Sorting
Sort by regions, teams, timeframes and more!
Custom Rewards
Upload any reward you want! Got NBA tickets sitting on your desk? Build a competition around them in minutes!
Automated Rewards
Choose from our library of giftcards that automatically send to your employees email upon winning or purchasing with points.
Point System
Earn points in Gamify and spend them on rewards or make the points the reward!
Integrate with Shopify or one of our rewards fulfillment partners for automated fulfillment.
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