It’s not always simple.

Having one-on-ones with your reps is pretty standard.  Hopefully they go smoothly – usually some points on where they could improve followed by a discussion on what they’re excelling at.  

This is the norm, but how often are you able to hold these one-on-ones?  Every quarter?  Every week?  

In addition, how quickly are they able to implement the changes you talked about? 

Have they improved on their weaker-points by the next one-on-one? 

What would be different if your reps had access to real-time feedback at any time they wanted?  

This is where gamification comes into play.  When you start keeping track of all your important KPIs on a constant basis and these metrics are available for your reps at any given time, as well as how they compare to their coworkers, performance increases occur.  

Why?  Because they can see where they need to improve.  Instantly.  They see that another person is closer to meeting their quota.  Why?  Because they’re making more cold calls every day.  Boom!  Time to make more cold calls. 

When gamification is implemented correctly, you don’t have to wait until your next set of one-on-ones to get your team to see where they could be improving.  Instead, they’re constantly learning.  

A perpetually learning environment keeps your team sharp and more results-focused.  

So, next time you’re worried whether your reps learned or will execute on what you talked about, think about giving gamification a try!