How to Increase Productivity with Sales Competitions

Sales campaigns, also known as “spiffs”, can lead to great productivity results! Here are some helpful tips as you get your team rolling with spiffs!


1. Small Daily Campaigns

Daily campaigns can range from a $1 per dial or $50 for the rep with the most dials that day. On a budget, maybe it’s just a milkshake with the boss or you get to make your boss do something silly, like prank call the CEO.

Daily campaigns should be directed toward the grind. It can be hard to do the daily tasks that lead to a good pipeline or a sales record. To get your team working hard, it can be a good balance of grit and humor. Here are some activities that are great for daily campaigns:

  • Most calls of the day

  • Best quality call of the day vote

  • Most cold calls that last over 2 minutes

  • Most unique thing said on a call vote

  • How many times can you insert the word bacon into a call


2. Weekly and Monthly Campaigns

Weekly campaigns should be a little more big picture than daily campaigns. These campaigns could be based around sales or KPI’s, like “appointments set”. Ideally every campaign should lead to the next most long term campaign, for example:

  • Daily: Most knocked doors

  • Weekly: Most Appointments set, or most sales

  • Monthly: Most sales with a quota

Depending on your sales cycle length, weekly and monthly rewards might look a little different. If you sell a B2C product, your sales cycle might be completed on one call so weekly goals are more useful than monthly goals. Whereas SaaS might be a longer sales cycle, leading to more focus on monthly goals. Incentivize in areas where you want your team to focus.


3. Quarterly Campaigns

Quarterly campaigns are great, especially when trying to fight the idea that it’s easier to sell during one quarter over another. This keeps your team motivated for a period of time that is not as daunting as an entire year. Quarterly campaigns help with turnover, because your reps know that if they stick it out for just a few more weeks they could get something big!


Quarterly campaign rewards should be much more exciting than daily, weekly and monthly rewards but should not be the biggest reward of the year. Here are some reward strategies you can try:

  • Increase commission percentage – sales commissions are doubled for that quarter

  • Flat bonus – $1,000 for the top performing rep

  • High value prize – MacBook Pro or a 1 night stay at a local resort

  • Time – 3 extra paid days off

  • Customized Prizes – Find out what your sales members want and have a custom prize ready for each rep


4. Yearly Campaigns

Many companies have a really big prize at the end of the year for the very best performance. These rewards could be an all inclusive trip to Hawaii or a Tesla! If you have a smaller budget in mind it could be a sales rep of the year award, or a company party where the rep is recognized. These prizes can be decided with many different factors:

  • Seats: This could be the top 4 revenue generating reps

  • Quota: This could be a quota that the company sets or an approved goal by the rep

  • Seats with a quota requirement: Maybe you want to add some competition while still having a minimum revenue quota


5. Small steps that lead to sales

Incentivising micro-movements can be very helpful in getting someone going. The hardest part of going to the gym can oftentimes be the drive there, or getting out of your car. Maybe you want to incentivize attendance or the first 5 door knocks of the day.

Power hours and sprints are other great ways to give your team the boost they need! When it’s 1:00pm and you just had a bunch of carbs for lunch or you’ve been rejected over and over, that push to focus for a period of time can feel more attainable than trying to tackle the rest of the shift.


6. Team Rewards

Team rewards are great for culture. When things get a little too competitive, this is a great way to bring everyone together. Team rewards are also a great way to incentivize employees to help each other succeed, or to get your top rep to help others on the team become a top rep.

You might even try a competition between multiple teams in the company! This gives your team a healthy sense of pride and ownership for the success of the group.


7. Wellness campaigns

Everyone wants an energized, present and engaged employee. Supporting well-being can be done in many ways, but as sales managers a great way to support employee well-being is to incentivize it. Try having an occasional campaign related to life outside of work. Whoever makes dinner for their family this week gets a $10 Amazon gift card or, whoever joins us for our community service event get’s a day off! Incentivizing well-being leads to more growth and less turnover.

Gamify your sales team.